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28 The effects of Aptamin® Mist on skin barrier function, skin hydration, pruristus VAS, and SCORAD Index in mild atopic dermatitis Clinical Dermatology Open Access Journal 2021년
27 Identification of the Underlying Genetic Factors of Skin Aging in a Korean Population Study J. Cosmet. Sci 2021년
26 Equivalence of in vitro and in vivo methods for assessing the effectiveness of anti-particulate matter pollution products Skin Res Technol 2020년
25 Synergistic effects of using novel home-use 660- and 850-nm light-emitting diode mask in combination with hyaluronic acid ampoule on photoaged Asian skin: A prospective, controlled study J.Cos.Dermatology 2020년
24 Anti-wrinkle benefits of peptides complex stimulating skin basement membrane proteins expression International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2019년
23 A study of skin characteristics with long-term sleep restriction in Korean women in their 40s Skin Research and technology 2019년
22 Efficacy and safety of a novel, soluble microneedle patch for the improvement of facial wrinkle Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 2018년
21 Test method to evaluate prevention effect of fine dust adhesion on human skin 대한화장품학회 2017년
20 Skin water contents depending on skin depth 대한화장품학회 2016년
19 Triple effects on the facial tightening by fundamental cosmetics 대한화장품학회 2016년
18 Seasonal variability of the skin properties in Korean Women 대한화장품학회 2016년
17 A quantitative evaluation method using processed optical images and analysis of age- dependent changes on nasolabial lines 대한화장품학회 2015년
16 Efficacy of adenosylcobalamin in relieving xerotic pruritus symptoms of atopic dermatitis Skin Research & Technology, 2015 2014년
15 Unwanted hair growth induced by topical epidermal growth factor during wound healing: true or myth? Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 2014 2014년
14 Extracting skin roughness from dermoscopy images for skin age estimation International Wound Journal 2014년
13 Reduction in facial hyperpigmentation after treatment with a combination of topical niacinamide and tranexamic acid: a randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled trial 한국정보처리학회지 2014년
12 Improvement in skin wrinkles with use of a preparation containing human growth factors and hyaluronic acid serum Skin Research and Technology 2015년
11 A Study on the Effect of Lymph Drainage Massage Using Natural Cosmetics on Moisture, Sebum and Pores of Facial skin Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy 2013년
10 Characteristic of MED measurement Value of Trial Subjects from Ultraviolet Irradiation 한국미용학회 2013년
9 The Characteristics of Skin Water Content, Sebum Content, and Transepidermal Water Loss from Trial Subjects 대한화장품학회지 2013년
8 Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Assessment of the Sunscreen Composed of Natural Substances 대한화장품학회지 2013년
7 The Efficacy of Cleansing Device with a Rotating Brush on the Skin 대한화장품학회지 2013년
6 A method of facial pore size evaluation 한국피부장벽학회지 2013년
5 Efficacy of adenosylcobalamin in relieving xerotic pruritus symptoms of atopic dermatitis Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 2014년
4 A Study of Potential Application of Rubus coreanus Miquel Extract for Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment 대한의진균학회지 2011년
3 The Evaluation of Skin Safety and Skin Cell Toxicity for Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Extract according to Extraction Conditions 대한피부과학회지 2012년
2 The Effect of the Mixed Herbal Extract Lotion for Korean Patient with Atopic Dermatitis: A Pilot Study 천식 및 알레르기학회지 2011년
1 Skin Hydration, Transepidermal Water Loss and Relation with Tinea Pedis in Patients with Primary Hyperhidrosis 대한의진균학회지 2011년